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Virus & Malware Removal

Virus or malware infections can cause a multitude of problems on your PC. These can include anything from a slow computer to having your online passwords stolen.
Infections can manifest in many different ways, including pop-ups or unfamiliar programs. Your files may be missing or you may notice that your computer isn't performing as well as it should.

  • 100% success guaranteed
  • All new variants caught
  • Increase virus protection from future attacks
  • Remove pop-ups, malware & spyware
  • Speed up your computer
  • Remove security risks


All computers and laptops benefit from routine maintanence, your computer handles all your personal files & cherished photos and so shouldnt be neglected. Our PC MOT is an ideal way to protect against problems creeping up and slowing your computer down or causing crashes. The service includes the tests and fixes outlined below as well as individual actions relating to your specific machine.

  • Standard virus scan
  • Install critical updates
  • Boost startup speed
  • Clean temporary files
  • Uninstall old software
  • Registry optimisation
  • Driver updates
  • Defragmentation
  • Hard disk and RAM testing
  • Increase performance

Upgrades & Repairs

We offer a comprehensive repair and upgrade service, covering almost all models of laptop and desktop computers. We will test your machine and diagnose any faulty hardware, fitting replacements or upgrades as required.
Below are some of the more common hardware and software upgrades we install.

  • Memory/RAM upgrade
  • Hard drive upgrade
  • Graphics & sound cards
  • Power supplies & fans
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows 10
  • Antivirus tools
  • CD/DVD burning software
  • Photo/Video editing suites

Data Recovery

Damaged or unreadable hard drive? Accidentally deleted a file or folder? STOP!
Your data is still recoverable, but further use of the hard drive may cause it to be permanently erased. Instead, give us a call. We can recover and restore your data in most cases, and advise you on free ways to protect against future data loss.
Below are some of the most common problems where data recover may be necessary.

  • Drive makes clicking sound
  • Mechanical failure
  • Accidental data deletion
  • Accidental formatting
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • File system corruption
  • Defragmentation
  • Inaccessible drive files

Helpful Computer
Tips & Advice

Laptops should be carried in a protective case or bag.

Laptops should be carried in a bag with plenty of padding and protection. You could also purchase a special sleeve to protect your precious laptop. Sleeves with padding inside and or a hard case are best. Don't place food, drink, or other potentially harmful substances in a bag with your computer, liquid spills on laptops are all too common and often come with a heavy price tag.

Always shut down your laptop before moving it about and at night.

The hard drive, where data is stored, is a sequence of rotating discs that read your data like a CD, so moving your laptop while switched on can cause corruption and damage to the hard drive. To avoid long start-up times, you can also put your computer into Sleep, Standby, or Hibernate states. Shutting down your computer also extends the life of the machine.

Look after the laptop screen and keyboard.

The compact design of a laptop mean sensitive components are stowed directly under the keyboard. Avoid bashing or hitting down on keys with excessive force, as this may damage the components below. The screen is also very sensitive, so avoid prodding the screen too hard or putting heavy or hot items on top of the laptop.

Use laptops on a flat surface when and avoid blocking the air vents.

Obstructing the air vents will cause the computer to run above the normal temperature, which in time will lessen the lifecycle of your machine. Also avoid using laptops and PCs in particularly dusty areas or around pet hairs.

Perform data backups regularly and to multiple locations.

Hard drive failure is common and difficult to predict. It may even happen in new computers. Backing up your personal data regularly is the only way to ensure not losing those precious pictures.

Update Windows habitually.

Be sure to regularly update Windows using the built-in update tool. It’s important to have the latest patches and security updates installed.

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